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RXR Farmstand Building (2015-2017)


RXR Farmstand Building, Marfa, TX (2015-2017)

Located adjacent to the Hotel Saint George and next to Marfa’s main railroad tracks, the 11,000 sq. ft. indoor and outdoor space serves the hotel and the town’s community at large as a multipurpose hall. Its warehouse-like, versatile program provides such diverse functions as casual restaurants, weekend market areas, a large dance and music hall, outdoor eating areas, a large swimming pool, public restrooms, and an open bar. The off-the-shelf, yet customized, steel structure determines the width of the building’s interior and exterior spaces to form one single and continuous infrastructure. The steel frames are infilled with D’Hanis structural clay bricks, rescued from a yard of rejected bricks at their San Antonio factory. Industrial in character and rough in its textures, the Saint George Hall is an ideal building to withstand the use of its multiple programs, while becoming a backdrop and container for weddings, dances, concerts, films, ping pong tournaments, local festivals, and other community events.