Crowley Theater Addition (2011-2017)


Crowley Theater Addition, Marfa, TX (2011-2017)
In Progress

In 1996 the former Big Bend Feed Company was purchased with the intent of converting its warehouse spaces into Marfa’s main performance space. Sited next to the railroad tracks, the building was not only renovated but doubly insulated to attenuate the sound of the train that passes through Marfa at different times throughout the day and during weekends. Upon completion, the 168-seat theater became an instant success as the community and interested groups had a space where they could put on plays, lectures, concerts and other such special events. In 2011, work began on an addition to provide a variety of much needed amenities such as public restrooms, a proper entry/lobby, and a multipurpose space for rehearsals and practice. The 4000 sq. ft. addition consist of a single level custom steel frame structure wrapped in galvanized steel panels (roof and primary wall) and stucco at the two short elevations. The single gable horizontal shed provides a complementary contrast to the original warehouse’s spaces and main facade; it also provides north light for the entire addition and further noise reduction from the perennial train.