Lynn Goode Gallery (1990-1991)


Lynn Goode Gallery, Houston, TX (1990-1991)

The 4,500 sq. ft. art gallery is located in a mixed-use neighborhood known as Houston’s “gallery corridor”. Three existing matured oak trees define the two-storey structure. The two-story wood framed building is circumscribed within the volume of their towering branches. A central stairway divides and integrates each of the exhibition spaces. It is also a platform and bridge from where visitors can overlook the various displays as well as framed vistas of the enveloping oak branches. The gallery is not just a container for exhibiting and storing contemporary art works but a space that contains the experience of looking at them. Natural light enters the individual spaces mostly from the north and the east, filtered by the sheltering trinity of oak trees. An enclosed courtyard has been included in the design and serves as an additional outdoor gallery for sculptures. It is a quiet place interrupted occasionally by the rustle and shadows of the oak branches moving across the bright stucco walls.