Beniopa Community Center (2009-2011)


Beniopa Community Center, Plaza and Subsidized Housing, Gandia, Spain (2009-2011)

"La Cuadra de Beniopa," as it is known in Gandia, establishes a new community center for Beniopa - a township annexed to the Mediterranean city. The complex also includes 27 subsidized housing units and a public plaza. The center functions as a multi-purpose facility offering meeting, work, recreation, and exhibition spaces for the use of the townspeople. The plaza is a commemorative space where local and regional festivities can take place. A trellis, placed at the center of the plaza, recalls the former shape of the horse stables that once occupied the site. It is a tribute to a place that once played a conciliatory role in the history of the small township. The 27 modest residential units meet standards established for government subsidized housing. As a whole the Cuadra aspires to be an important reference in the cultural and social life of the area.