Fort Worth Modern Art Museum (1996-1997)


Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art, Fort Worth, TX (1996-1997)
Invited Competition

Our competition proposal occupies the northeastern corner of an eleven acre site. The site is a prominent gateway to the city's cultural district and it is adjacent to the Kimbell Art Museum, Louis Kahn's masterful work. Kahn's work is the centerpiece of what will become, with other museums in the area, a distinctly defined arts center for the city of Fort Worth. The proposed design is carefully integrated with the site's singular topography in order to reduce the physical massing of its 250,000 sq. ft. program (more that double the size of the Kimbell). The entire site is understood as an interwoven domain where the project's three main components complement the whole: (1) a three level museum facility inscribed with the topography, (2) a variety of open and closed courtyards and gardens for public events and the display of outdoor sculptures, and (3) a field of parking spaces rigorously shaded by a profuse canopy of native oak trees.