Carlos Jimenez Studio (1983--)


 Carlos Jimenez Studio, Houston, TX (1983-- )

Begun in 1983, the studio is an ongoing project that has seen multiple variations of a live and work environment through the years. Additions, alterations, subtractions, and transformations have formed an ensemble of small buildings and courtyards that, in their most recent iteration, have become a unified whole. The simple-shaped, orthogonal buildings have allowed great versatility at different times, accommodating life, work and their intertwined or unforeseen circumstances. Constructed of load bearing masonry blocks finished with a smooth stucco on the exterior, the buildings are painted an intense lavender blue similar to one of the many hues of the Houston sky. A surrounding steel fence underlines the privacy of the compound where buildings, existing and new trees, courtyards, and light enrich the singular experience of each day.