Peavy Voucher House (1998-2001)


Peavy Voucher House, Houston, TX (1998-2001)

This 1,100 sq. ft. low-cost house is a variation on a type presently sold called "The Peavy". "The Peavy" is a cheap, paper-thin construction that, after very little time becomes a wasteful, disposable proposition; a demoralizing asset for a family of limited means to begin with. The proposed strategy aims to utilize the same budget and voucher program allocation for this low-cost type and to maximize its value as a work of construction, site utilization, and architecture. Our solution economizes the floor plate by constructing a two-story structure; eliminating the ubiquitous two car garage and providing instead a trellis-porch for one car. We use cement board instead of the typical paper-pressed siding, exposed sealed concrete floors and ceilings, 8-foot doors, no trim, etc. Our design turns the back of the given 50 by 100 foot lot into an orchard or vegetable garden, an engine of production and extra income for prospective low income owners.