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Dog Leg Ranch (2005-2006)


Dog Leg Ranch, Boerne, TX (2005-2006)

The 4,000 sq. ft. house is a weekend retreat for a couple, their family, and friends. Located about forty miles west of San Antonio, the house overlooks a bucolic horizon of undulating hills. Wild mesquite and oak trees densely populate the site, as it is sprinkled by billowing wild grasses. The main house consists of two wings pivoting from a central entrance: one wing contains a double bedroom suite while the other wing holds the living, dining, and kitchen spaces. An open carport and garden area interlocks with the main house to provide outside eating areas and a small shaded courtyard and garden. A guesthouse consisting of two equal bedrooms completes the composition of independent, yet closely interconnected programs. The single story house is a wood frame structure finished in stucco, galvanized steel, aluminum windows, pecan floors, and local limestone; the combination of materials blends well with the textures and colors of the hill country. The design aims to maximize all possible views and vistas toward the compelling landscape while retaining a discreet present in the vast, open setting.