Studio Profile

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Studio Profile

Carlos Jiménez Studio (CJS) is an award winning, internationally recognized firm based in Houston. Carlos Jiménez, principal and lead designer is actively involved in all stages of design for each project – from the initial phase through development, planning, construction to completion. Since founded in 1983, CJS has striven for excellence in design through projects ranging in scale, type and locality: from an art studio building facing the serene Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts to a corporate headquarters along a busy freeway in Indiana, from a house in the sparse hills of Marfa to the lively streets of North Philadelphia, from a daycare center in Columbus to a Data Center in Houston; from a residential tower in the satellite city of Evry to a community center in the medieval traces of Gandia. Carlos Jiménez Studio thrives in the collaboration with our clients and consultants to resolve the demands of program, address the circumstances of site, and arrive at the optimum design solution. We perceive this collaboration to be the critical and creative means to expand the multiple aspirations implicit to a work of architecture. Our convictions are strengthened by the belief that architecture makes a difference in people’s lives. We understand that a well-designed building is an investment of time whose return must benefit the lives of present and future users. We are inspired by the myriad nuances of the local as we are by the limitations of the global. We believe that architecture transforms, delights, and achieves its meaning through its gradual unfolding in time and place.

CJS Office Past and Present

Veronica Gomez
Jack Murphy
Lauren Eggert
Evio Isaac
Daria Piekos
Stephanie Lee

Isabella Marcotulli
Edison Ding

Hazal Yucel
Ying Ying Guan
Vy Drouin-Le
Sophie Jonson
Ningxin Cheng
Pyline Tangsuvanich
Michael Awalt
You Chia-La

Naili Q
E. Kerry Joyce
Zhibin (Aaron) Cheng
Claudia Ziegler
Ernesto Bilbao
Kelly Nicholas
Jessica Colangelo

Michael Matthews
Leslie Witt
Megan Mills
Cris Ruebush
Alex O'Briant
Brett Zamore
Brian Burke
Joseph Han
John Bowley

David Vargo
Melissa Braisted
Victor Murillo
Mason Wickham
Joaquin Diz
Kendall Hamman
Karen Hyatt
Chad Johnson
Manfred Barbosa
Russel Walker
Gerard Chong
Robert Fowler
Eric Batte
Mario Alcantara
Dominique Brousseau
Alan Bianchi