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Rice Design Alliance Hometown Tour 2018, Mexico City (GUIDE)

In 2018, the RDA Hometown Tour program will return to our first international destination, Mexico City, but bring a fresh perspective to an ever-changing, dynamic city.   Join Rice Architecture professor Carlos Jimenez and architectural historian Stephen Fox on an unforgettable journey to Mexico.  

There is a buzz about Mexico City right now. It has won the title of World Design Capital 2018 from the World Design Organization. Their contemporary art fair, Zona Maco, is considered to be the best on this side of the world, and we will visit it. Houston’s own Paper City Magazine featured Mexico City in its July/August publication. With its long history, UNESCO sites, beautiful decorative arts, and recent food and small batch tequila revolution, it is the perfect place to go for a long weekend getaway from Houston.  Rice Design Alliance is partnering with its friends there to show you this exciting city’s architecture and uniqueness from its ancient Aztec roots to its medieval past to its present exuberance.

We chose to travel in February when Mexico City’s beautiful Jacaranda trees show off their violet purple blooms. We will visit buildings and parks, walk neighborhoods and districts, and share with you why many people consider this city to be the most exciting and unique in all of the Americas.

Carlos Jimenez