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Rice Design Alliance Hometown Tour 2019, Los Angeles (GUIDE)

In January 2019, the first of RDA's two 2019 Hometown Tours will return to the ever-changing City of Dreams, Los Angeles, for a fresh look at the city and its architecture.

The tour will kick off at the very top of LA’s City Hall, where we’ll meet the Mayor’s chief design officer and former LA Times architecture critic, Christopher Hawthorne, to overlook at bird’s eye view a breathtaking perspective of the sprawling city’s urban landscape. We’ll visit the inside of the Eames house and see the incomparable home of Tony Duquette, one of the most influential interior designers of the last 50 years.

Other highlights include a studio visit to the architecture firm Johnston Marklee to talk about how Houston’s newest cultural jewel, The Drawing Institute at the Menil, was conceived. The group will also visit Case Study number 22, better known as the Stahl House and the MAK/Schindler House, and participate in tours of new urban developments that are meeting the changing needs of Los Angeles’s residents, led by the architects who designed them.

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Carlos Jimenez