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Often when I listen to a piece of music, a moment arrives when the sounds become more intense just as they start to recede. A particular passage might linger in the absence of sound, as if caught in an eternal second, as if the music no longer depends on its tonal carriers but wanders through space unencumbered, remembered, and on continual display.
— Presence of Absence, Carlos Jiménez

Summary of the Issue:

PLAT 6.0 Absence aims to offer a moment of pause and shift our focus to the quiet, unseen, unnoticed, and rare. This issue of PLAT constructs a nuanced reading of our discipline, arguing that the constant historizations and theorizations of the ‘built’ may have left ‘absence’ undertheorized. Whether tired, bored of, or in an attempt to escape what is constantly there, the editors and contributors of this issue are seduced by absence. Read More

Carlos Jimenez