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2018 Emerging Voices (JURY)

"Since 1982, the Architectural League of New York has singled out North American firms and individuals whose "distinct design 'voices' ... have the potential to influence the disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design," as part of its Emerging Voices Award program. This year, the eight winners are Ersela Kripa and Stephen Mueller of El Paso, Texas–based Agency; Fernanda Canales of Mexico City; Jesica Amescua and Mariana Ordóñez Grajales of Mexico City–based Comunal: Taller de Arquitectura; Stephanie Davidson and Georg Rafailidis of Buffalo, N.Y.–based Davidson Rafailidis; Luis Aldrete of Estudio de Arquitectura in Guadalajara, Mexico; Brooklyn, N.Y.–based Future Green Studio founder David Seiter; Helen Leung and Elizabeth Timme of LA-Más in Los Angeles; and Chris Baribeau, AIA, Josh Siebert, Assoc. AIA, andJason Wright, Assoc. AIA, of Modus Studio in Fayetteville, Ark." Read More

Carlos Jimenez